Ready Rig GS

I had the chance to play with Alba Camara Support's Ready Rig. I rented it from a colleague and local New York DP for a shoot in Portland, OR. The Ready Rig is, hands down, the best gimbal support system that I have used. This is a system made by a DP for DPs. Alba was started by Mario Di Leo, whose credits list back to 1965. Mario really nailed it here and understood what was needed to make an incredibly functional and comfortable rig. The system is simple. Its sets up quickly and just as basically as any other gimbal support system. The two arms create a much easier workflow and adjusting your taste of tension is simple. At one point, I wore this rig for about 2 hours straight while shooting with a Ronin fully equipped with a c300, CN-E 24mm, Redrock Micro follow focus system and monitor. I was comfortable the entire time. I noticed with other rigs, I tend to develop back pain quickly. This is not the case with the Ready Rig. I am also hearing that Alba is currently developing telescopic arms which would be a game changer. I'll be investing soon. I highly recommend other gimbal ops check this item out.