Director of Photography

Addle Strife

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Addle Strife

Short WWII film that follows U.S soldiers Camanski and Nelson as they hunt down a German soldier who has killed one of their men.

Directed by Karl Erikson

Produced by Lucky Elephant FIlms

Festival Run

Best Shorts Competition 2017 - WINNER (Award for Excellence)

Brightside Filmfest 2017 WINNER (Best Cinematography)

Monmouth Film Festival 2017 WINNER (Audience Choice Award)

Hang onto Your Shorts Film Fest WINNER 2017 (Best Cinematography)

Garden State Film Festival 2017

Normandie WWII International Film Festival 2017

Rahway International Film Festival 2017

Golden Door International Film Festival 2017

Long Island International Film Expo 2017

Los Angeles CineFest Semi-Finalist 2017

Newtown Independent Night 2017 Silver Screen Film Festival 2017